Immersion Permission Online Application



Required documents before online application

To be applied for, after Online Festival Permission is obtained (Application ID)

For uploading:

(1) Scan copy (jpg) of Applicant Signature and Vehicle Photo should be greater than 20 KB and less than 60 KB

(2) Scan Copy(PDF/JPG) of the following different annexures (Less than 2 MB)

(a) Route chosen for Immersion

(b) Vehicle Booking Slip

(c) Current year Puja Permission

Date range for Immersion permission

Within 5 Days of end of festival

How to Apply
  • Register yourself as an applicant (if not already registered).
  • Click on Apply for Service or Login
  • Enter User Name, Password and Captcha code given and click on Submit.
  • Once logged in, on the left menu click on Apply for services and then click on View services
  • Click on 'Apply'

Grant of License

Accuracy of application and documents submitted define the success criteria for granting of license


License Issuance

Immersion License would be issued to the applicant after verifcation by the police.