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ServicePlus - Easy and Intuitive Application

Developed as part of Panchayat Enterprise Suite (PES) under e-panchayat Mission Mode Project (MMP)

"Make all Government services accessible to the common man in his locality, through common service delivery outlets, and ensure efficiency, transparency, and reliability of such services at affordable costs to realize the basic needs of the common man."

ServicePlus is a unified platform based on multi-tenant architecture for delivering electronic-services to citizens, an application which is quick to learn and easy to use with minimal effort or very less skill set.

The services provided by Government via ServicePlus can be categorized as following:

  1. Regulatory Services: The services like trade licence, permit for construction of a building etc. that can be denied to citizens.
  2. Statutory Services: The services like Issuance of Birth/Death certificate which cannot be refused to citizens.
  3. Developmental Services: The services or schemes provided by Government for the benefit of citizens like NREGS, IAY, Old age Pension etc.
  4. Consumer Utilities Service: Services like bill payment and other comes under utility services.


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Deploy once and Configure many

ServicePlus provides all types of components and modules one needs to define, configure and commission an e-service. It involves modules like, Service Definition, Service Coverage, Target Beneficiary, Creation of application forms and output certificates, Applicable Service Charges, Work Flow Player’s & tasks mapping and others. SP covers all these modules at the stages like apply, verify, provision and commission required in the process of delivering an e-service as part of Service Life Cycle.

Why to choose ServicePlus?


Become a Developer with 3Ds (Drag-Drop-Done)

ServicePlus is fully geared for Single-Window services under Ease of Doing Business. It is achieved be anyone who knows their business and understands the processes that drive it irrespective of any coding knowledge. ServicePlus empowers officials with simple drag-and-drop interface that makes even complicated processes seem easy. One can take control of every detail without any support.

Form Builder

Create an Application of Your Unique Business Needs

An app to successfully compete your business needs. ServicePlus application is pre-loaded with an easy to integrate features like Form Builder - to create custom quote forms and improve lead flow; Push Notifications - to reach out to your customers; Custom Filter - more focused on task(s); web-service(s) Registration - to pull and push data to department/state owned system(s); Multi-tenancy - Add logo, choose the required features and build a service as per your needs.

Data Integrate

Cross Platforms? No worries;
An Easy Data Integration Across Platforms.

ServicePlus facilitates the data flow with the existing Government bodies like DigiLocker, CSC e-wallet, eTaal, e-Sign, Aadhaar and many more as and when required. It provides a visual approach to connect to these data sources and embed data elements directly into the application. It facilitates one to design data models and configure business logic directly.


Strong Data Analytics
Boost Your Business Value; Fulfill Your Vision and Strategize Mission

ServicePlus analytics provides Business with real-time dashboards and drill-down reports that are easily configured. Decision making nowadays is largely driven by data where talent only helps to explore data to support their decision making. Precisely, it’s a data collaboration tool capable to visualize. Select how you want to display data from a variety of gauges and chart types; including bars, columns, pie, doughnut, pyramid etc. ServicePlus owns 3 broad categories to divide data i.e. Central, State and District. Service Level category and Application Level category has in total 34 KPIs to chase.

Aadhar Digilocker

Integration with Aadhaar, DigiLocker and PayGov

ServicePlus provides seamless integration with popular customer centric services like Aadhar, Digilocker and PayGov. ServicePlus is a one-stop solution which gives Indian citizen access in availing various pan India e-Gov services, and supports Aadhaar-based authentication mechanisms for service access.

Learn more about ServicePlus

Even though it’s only been around a seven year, ServicePlus development platform has evolved as a faster way to build and deploy required services.

This compilation of document will give you a baseline understanding of its platforms, the technology that enables it, and more.

Want to understand better how it can help you achieve organizational goals…faster than you ever thought possible.

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